Medicare Enrollment Help

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SARCOA and Davis and Neal Attorneys are giving seniors the opportunity to get a better understanding of their health care options.

With a deadline quickly approaching, officials want to make sure Medicare beneficiaries have the best plan to fit their needs.

Syble Conrad says she had some questions that needed to be answered.

"My husband works and he has insurance where he works but what happens if on a given time that he is no longer working, he retires, what happens to this insurance, " say Syble "Irene" Conrad a participant in the Medicare enrollment help session at Ashford Senior Center.

A legal assistant for Davis and Neal Attorneys came to Ashford Senior Center Wednesday.

Syble along with fellow seniors at the center had questions about Medicare enrollment and what their best options are.

Xiomara Rogers encourages beneficiaries to always take a second look at their plans.

"Although Medicare beneficiaries may be satisfied with the coverage that they have, it's extremely important to check every year because often times they don't realize that there's been a formula change or some type of change that may possibly impact their coverage, " says Xiomara Rogers, Legal Assistant at Davis and Neal Attorneys.

"I really don't know how insurance is going to work and since we got the major health plans that everybody is suppose to sign up for and be on medical insurance, it was just important to know, " says Conrad.

Beneficiaries have until December 7th to enroll.

Rogers says there's one question she hears often.

"Most people are concerned with their monthly premiums changing, are their drugs going to still be covered.They get flooded with information in their mailbox and they don't know so they really are appreciative for the services, " says Rogers.

A service that gives Syble a peace of mind.

"If I need to contact somebody, I have a number that I can go to that I did not have before, " says Conrad.

There will be another chance for Medicare beneficiaries to get their questions answered on November 25th at Rose Hill Senior Center in Dothan, from 9 am until 2 pm.

If you can't attend the seminar but still have questions ... You can call Davis and Neal at 334 671 3990.

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