Medical Alert Tattoos Replacing Med Bracelets

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Some people get butterfly, star, or cross tattoos, but Georgia resident Dawn Childs got a much more intricate design.

“Allergies of the worst severity would be on this side and then on this side I have asthma diabetic and I have a metal plate in my neck.” Dawn Childs said.

Childs is pointing to her medical alert tattoo.
It’s a permanent notification to all of her conditions.
A serious decision that came from a funny conversation.

“A couple of friends and i were joking around one day because I couldn't find my med alert bracelets and they were like just tattoo it on your forehead.” Childs said.

But this joke got Childs’ husband thinking.
Her med alert bracelet was always breaking, so why not actually get a tattoo?

“The next thing I know he’s looking it up on the internet.” Childs said.

Fast forward four years, the tattoo she once thought would be a funny idea, has already saved her life...twice.

“My husband wanted dust mites tattooed on me and I pitched a fit.” Childs said.

Not long after that conversation, Childs realized her husband was right.

“Within a matter of months when I went to Atlanta and my whole face from here up was swollen from dust mites.“ Childs said.

Then another attack...

“I started getting my throat closed and the nurse was playing twenty questions and so i just put my arm on the table and pointed to it and she’s like oh.“ Childs said.

These medical tattoos might sound unusual to most people.
But paramedics are trained to spot them.

“One of the things we look for in a patient that unresponsive of course if they can’t tell us what’s going on with them, we look for any kind of identification to give us a clue of their medical conditions.” Headland Paramedic TJ Williams said.

But before you decide to get a tattoo like Childs….

“It’s something you want t put a lot of through into, but it’s defiantly something that could save your life.” Tattoo artist Jeff DeRoche said.

A reason Childs says she's happy she got this tattoo instead of a butterfly.

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