Mayor’s Statement Regarding Economic Development Project

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DOTHAN, AL - In a special called meeting on Friday, March 1, 2013, the Dothan City Commission committed to assist with an upcoming economic development project by adopting various ordinances and resolutions. A public announcement with Governor Robert Bentley was to be held after the meeting, but the prospect for the economic development project requested a delay due to the uncertainty of sequestration and the possibility of it leading to the closure of Dothan’s airport control tower.

Following the special called meeting, Mayor Mike Schmitz expressed his positive outlook on the project. “The president of the company wants to come here,” said Mayor Schmitz. “There are some issues in Washington that are out of our control. But we will get through this. We will make this happen. Today’s meeting is a show of our belief that this project will happen and it shows our commitment to making it happen.”

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