Mayor Schmitz Reflects on Recent Trip to China

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During their most recent trip to China, Dothan delegates built stronger relationships with business owners. They are laying the groundwork for the upcoming symposium in Dothan.

Another job well done for Dothan delegation members, making the most of a twelve day trip, Mayor Mike Schmitz and his team made it a mission to develop relationships with Chinese leaders.

"Well we were able to go to several cities and put on a seminar about Dothan and talk about our community and what we have to offer to the business community, because most them have never heard of our community so it was a great opportunity to for us to do that," said Schmitz.

Schmitz and other officials know that this upcoming symposium is a great way to create jobs for Alabama. That's why his team stepped up and sacrificed time and money to sell the value of business in the Wiregrass.

"Well we had a great trip, we visited several cities that we haven't been able to visit before we had a warm hospitality, great reception from the business community. Team Dothan, several people paid their own way and took the time to promote Dothan and we are very pleased," said Schmitz.

This latest recruitment trip was well worth it because at the end of this month 150 plus manufacturing businesses are expected to be in the civic center.

"We were able to share several dinners with our Dothan contingents, with many folks and tell them stories about our successes with Sony and Michelin and of our manufacturing so I think we were very successful," said Schmitz.

A success that could hopefully transition to officials from Geneva and Houston county while they pitch for these companies to relocate to the Wiregrass.

"They will enjoy their visit," said Schmitz.

It's expected to be a time of economic transformation for many in southeast Alabama. The symposium will be at Dothan Civic Center from March 26 through the 28th.

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