Mayor: Atlanta Welcomes Undocumented Immigrant Children

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ATLANTA - Atlanta's mayor says undocumented immigrant children caught crossing the U.S. border are welcome in his city. Mayor Kasim Reed says caring for the children is the moral and right thing to do.

"And I'm going to send a message in no uncertain terms to the extent that these children need a safe place, and a safe haven. The city of Atlanta is going to be that. The fact of the matter is, we have a growing immigrant population in the metropolitan Atlanta region and in state. And it's very important that we send a signal that we're going to be a welcoming community and we're going to allow these folks to be trained and we're going to treat them well."

Atlanta is part of "the Welcoming Initiative". It's a national program that wants to help further immigrants' role in the local economy.

But Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has a different view. He recently sent a letter to President Obama asking him to stop sending the children to his state.

There are reportedly more than 1,100 immigrant minors in Georgia.

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