AL Rep. Calls On Obama About Gov. Shutdown

Today in a speech from the floor of the House of Representatives, 2nd District Congresswoman, Martha Roby, called on President Obama and Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, to stop blocking bi-partisan compromises efforts to help end the shutdown.

Roby also noted that even though some Senate Democrats now support moving non-controversial funding bills, Senator Reid refuses to budge.

A full transcript of Rep. Roby’s remarks from the House floor is as follows:

“Mr. Speaker, I rise this morning to express my frustration and the frustration of my constituents over the stalemate here in Washington.

“It didn’t have to come to this. The House put forward four separate proposals to the Senate, each one offering a compromise to the other side. Time after time, Senator Reid Senate stonewalled our efforts to forge a compromise and prevent a shutdown. When House Republicans passed legislation that simply asking Senate Democrats to come to the table to negotiate, Senator Reid said no.

“Everyone knows Republicans and Democrats don’t see eye to eye on every spending issue. However, there is a lot we do agree on, like funding for critical cancer research, the national parks, veterans’ services, and national guardsmen and reservists. And when we drafted standalone bills funding these efforts, we saw support from some Senate Democrats. But again, Mr. Reid said no.

“So first we couldn’t get Mr. Reid to negotiate over what we disagree on. Today we can’t get him to even consider what we do agree on.

“Mr. Speaker - I don’t know how many more olive branches we have left on the tree. But today we are going to offer more.

“We will work to ensure young boys and girls who need cancer treatments from the National Institutes of Health receive the life saving medicine that they deserve.

“We will work to protect our nation’s military men and women who have served so valiantly in combat only to have their hard-earned benefits denied to them by partisan bickering.

“Finally we will work to end this shutdown, not just for some Americans but for all Americans. Because, Mr. Speaker, this has always been an issue of fairness.

“So our message to President Obama is: You were willing to sit down with big businesses and insurance companies to negotiate delays and exceptions from the healthcare law. Why will you now refuse to negotiate with us in and give the same reprieve to regular Americans?

“Our message to Majority Leader Reid is: you worked swiftly to pass a standalone funding bill for active duty soldiers. Why not now work with the House to pass similar bills for veterans, our national guardsmen and reservists, cancer research and National Parks?

“The people deserve better than President Obama and Majority Leader Reid’s refusal to work toward a bi-partisan compromise. Enough is enough. Pass these non-controversial spending bills. Come to the negotiating table. Let’s talk. Let’s work together. And let’s end this shutdown.”