Marsden Takes on Clouse for AL. House of Representatives' 93rd District

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DALE COUNTY -- Dr. Jennifer Marsden decided to run as the democrat for District 93 of the Alabama House of Representatives.

Through her work at the Wiregrass VA Hospital, she has heard the concerns of many of her patients. She decided that running for office would give her the outlet she needs to make a change.

"I want to figure out how we can best help them, and help them do better, especially in Alabama, especially in this wonderful country of ours," Marsden said "I wanted to do more for my patients there. So, I can do more if I get elected."

She said her campaign focuses on improvement to the public education system, health care for all Alabamians and quality job creation.

Marsden is taking on current representative for the 93rd district, Representative Steve Clouse. Clouse said his 20 year experience in the House serves as a strong foundation.

"It takes a lot of knoweledge of state government and now my position as chairman of the budget committee puts the people of Dale and Houston County and the wiregrass in a good position to have their voice heard in Montgomery," Clouse said.

Clouse serves as the Republican candidate and Marsden is running as a Democrat for the 2014 primary election in June.