Marianna Man Sentenced for Robbery/Shooting

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A Jackson County man is headed to prison after pleading guilty to shooting another man during a robbery.

Circuit Judge William Wright sentenced Ha’Khelius Moore to 40 years in prison Monday for the attempted robbery and shooting of a Marianna store clerk.

Assistant State Attorney Shad Redmon was prepared to show at trial that Moore, 19, of Marianna, waited outside for a customer to leave Big Star Liquors the night of Jan. 18, then walked in with gun in hand.

The clerk, Troy Groth, drew his own weapon and the two exchanged gunfire with Groth getting hit in the arm and throat.

A surveillance camera shows Moore moving around the store in an effort to get a clear shot at Groth. Moore made a move toward the door, then came right back and went toward the counter, but Groth began firing and drove Moore away.

Groth survived the shooting and was able to assist the Marianna Police Department in identifying Moore.

Moore entered a straight-up plea to Wright on Oct. 15 to attempted robbery with a firearm and attempted second-degree murder with a firearm.

Wright sentenced Moore to 40 years minimum mandatory on both charges and ran them concurrently.

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