March Held in Dothan for MLK Day

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“I’ve been marching for a long, long time.” Dothan resident Gwendolyn Mill said.

Gwendolyn Mill has participated in many marches for justice.

“We also marched with dr. king across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, from Selma to Montgomery.” Mill said.

Fast forward to today, and you'll find mills still marching, especially on Martin Luther King Day.

“I have been walking to my legs about go off.” Mill said.

Hundreds of Alabama residents gathered in Dothan Monday, to walk for a man who has done so much to change our society for the better.

“I'm here because we are marching for Martin Luther King and what he has done for us.” Dothan resident Cierra Miree said.

“He had a dream and that dream is today. When you see all children mingle.” Mills said.

Pastor Kenneth Glasgow says he is proud of the turnout for the walk, especially since many people had the holiday off and could have spent their time elsewhere.
Kenneth Glasgow.

“And what it means, when you see such a diverse group, of white black Hispanic Asian coming together on their off day, it shows we have a beloved community.” Pastor Kenneth Glasgow said.

A community that's marching toward a bright future.

The march started at the Piggly Wiggly on Montgomery Highway, and continued to first Missionary Baptist Church, where they had a service to remember Dr. Martin Luther King.

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