Manufacturing Symposium Ends with Economic Announcements

Dothan, AL - The newest wave of manufacturing has come to Dothan, and Mayor Mike Schmitz is excited.

One of China's leading 3D printer manufacturers will open a small facility known as Dothan 3D.

Schmitz has been working on the deal for about a year.

Lian Ning says the community's southern hospitality sold him on Dothan.

“Well first of all I understand from Mayor Mike that there is a line in the bible that says 'come to Dothan.’” Said Ning.

Schmitz added, “To be in an industry that has unlimited growth and we don't have this in our community, and we now have it. So it's just starting. It's going to start small, but we'll see where it goes.”

They expect about ten jobs to be created within the first year, but the main goal is to start a manufacturing plant. If that happens the job possibilities are endless.

In addition to Dothan 3D, WIPFLI, a manufacturing consulting firm, as well as the Sozo group will open offices in Dothan.

The two could potentially connect other Chinese companies with the circle city.

“Without Sozo, none of these doors would be open. They're the ones that introduced me to all of these companies and took me to them. WIPFLI will help us put feet on the ground. They're the practical part of here's how you need to succeed. Here's what you need to do. Here's the steps you need to take. That's why we need WIPFLI,” said Schmitz.

“I think the key here is, especially with Dothan 3D Printing, this is just a start. It's not a lot of jobs, but it's high tech jobs. In an industry that's unlimited, and they're going to be in Dothan.”

Dothan 3D will be mainly a sales and service operation, but they do plan to hire engineers to learn more about the technology's potential.

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