Manhole Cleanup

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The City of Dothan usually sprays overgrown weeds, grass, and plants to prevent them from covering manholes.

But the problem has gotten so bad they had to hire an outside company to do the work.

The City of Dothan waste management is having a difficult time getting to man holes and sewer lines.

"They need to be able to access their lines is something goes wrong they need to be able to get in there and fix it in a timely manner without having to clear and dispose of a bunch of trees before they do that," said Chris Kirkland, superintendent L&K Contracting.

The city is working with L&K Contractors to clear 90,000 feet of greenery.

"So basically it part of our annual maintenance and it is actually a such a big project that the city doesn't have the resources to do it internally so we have had to go outside and hire a contractor company," said Angie Jay, superintendent of water operations.

L&K Contractors has the tools to do the job

"We have an excavator with a grinder head," said Kirkland. "It just mulches up trees, it just depends on what size it is, the smaller ones a few seconds a few minutes the bigger ones 10 to 15 minutes."

Once the trees are removed there is a guarantee they won't grow back.

"We are going to spray the bigger trees to make sure that nothing comes back for the future and then they will keep it sprayed after me once I get through they will spray it yearly and that way they wont have to do this again," said Kirkland.

City leaders plan to spray once every year to prevent this major project from happening again,

Most of the work will be done outside the circle in heavily wooded areas but if any areas cross subdivisions they will contact the homeowners.

The clearing is scheduled to be done by the end of the year.

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