Man Walks Away From Car vs. Train Accident Unharmed

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A man walks away unharmed from a car versus train accident.

The man was in a KIA Forte driving on the dirt road portion of Wallace Buie Rd.

Alabama State Trooper Kevin Cook says the man stopped at the train tracks but slowly edged forward.

The front of the car was clipped by a train passing by, tearing off the front bumper.

Cook says the accident could have been worse.

The train always has the right of way, so you should err on the side of caution at train tracks.

It's a good rule to yield, stop, look and listen both ways.

"People get in a hurry to get places going back and forth back and forth so we're staying in our vehicles more and I think that's why there is an increase in these types of crashes because people are in a hurry to go,” Cook said.

Cook says there have been three of these types of crashes in the past year and a half and one was fatal.

This accident comes less than 24 hours after a man was struck by a train in Ozark while on foot, suffering two broken legs.