Man Wakes up to Hundreds of Frogs in Yard

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Here off magnolia trace in headland, hundreds of frogs are infesting this residence.
They may look tiny, but they are causing a big headache for homeowners living on this street.

"Frogs lots of frogs" Headland Resident Franklin Flatt said.

This is what headland resident Franklin Flatt saw when he went outside his home Monday morning.

"Anytime we open the garage door, they swarm in cause they're stacked up at the garage door." Flatt said.

At first Flatt thought there were just a few, but then realized they've taken over his yard, the street and the rest of the neighborhood.

“I called the Henry county agriculture department yesterday and they just said its rain frogs." Flatt said.

Rain frogs, also known as tree frogs, are what extension agents usually get calls about after a storm.
Phillip carter

"So they have to have water in order to lay their eggs." Houston County Extension Agent Phillip Carter said.

And as Flatt knows, these frogs can be a nuisance

"There you are, hate to run over that many." Flatt said.

Carter says if you can, try to avoid killing them because they're actually helpful.

"Frogs are very beneficial to the environment, insect control among many other things." Carter said.

Carter says these frogs could stay near Flatts house for awhile, or at least until the rain water left over from previous storms has drained.

To give you an idea of how many frogs are out there, one female frog can lay up to four hundred eggs.
So if three frogs lay eggs that’s more than a thousand baby frogs in one area.