Man Rescued From Home Fire on Wembley Court to be Charged With Felony Second Degree Arson

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After a house fire on Saturday night and the heroic rescue of the man who lived there, this story has taken a different turn.

Now there's new details, that show the man who was saved may have intentionally caused the fire.

The first arriving officer along with a neighbor helped the man escape from the home through this window with minimal injuries from the glass.

Reports say he is still in the hospital.

Anytime there's as fully developed fire the Dothan Fire Department sends an investigator to determine the area of origin and cause of the fire.

If the fire looks suspicious in nature, they activate the Dothan Arson Task Force.

The task force is made up of members from the Dothan P.D. Criminal Investigations Division and investigators at the Dothan Fire Marshall's Office.

They process the scene like a violent crime.

In this investigation the task force found the evidence points toward arson.

The suspect in the case lived in the home.

Police have obtained an arrest warrant for the man who will be charged with felony second-degree arson.

He has not been charged yet because he is still in the hospital.

The Dothan Police Department and fire department will not release the suspects name until he is charged.