Man Brings the Beautiful Sound of Music to Downtown Dothan

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If you stroll through downtown Dothan during your lunch break, you're likely to hear the sound of a saxophone.

Who’s the man behind the music? He’s Miguel Fernandez.

"I've been playing for about 9 years now. I started at Headland Middle School in the band. My father loves jazz so I picked up the saxophone," Fernandez said.

The 20 year old says there's something special about the instrument.

"I think the saxophone in particular has a great sound. It kind of speaks to the soul," Fernandez said.

After a visit to New Orleans, Fernandez was inspired by street musicians.

"I wanted to add a little touch to Dothan. You can only really go to restaurants or fine dining places to hear live music. I feel like everybody should get a chance for that," Fernandez said.

Now he's a familiar face downtown.

"I try to make it out here every day that I can, everybody enjoys the music. That's what you'll come to find with art, is everybody loves it. It's what makes us human," Fernandez said.

Fernandez is a Fine Arts student at Troy, Dothan and works at Fun Zone.

His secondary mission is to keep the music alive.

"It is a dying art and I feel like it needs to stay. While digital art gives you the same end result, it's not the same emotion it's not the same personal touch," Fernandez said.

He hopes playing every day inspires other musicians to keep downtown Dothan alive with the sound of music.

Fernandez says he doesn't play for money, but will accept tips if offered.

His favorite jazz musician is John Coltrane.