Man Arrested After Kicking Out Windshield of Patrol Cars

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A Crestview Florida resident was arrested on Wednesday, July 23 after he admitted to kicking out the windshield of a Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) car and an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office car.

A media release from the FHP states that at 6:40 p.m. Brian Robert Rossel, 28, kicked the windshield out of both vehicles that were parked at 197 W. James Lee Blvd in the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office parking lot.

Rossel allegedly reported the busted windshields to a FHP trooper, but did not admit to kicking the windshields out himself.

The release further explains that later that night, Rossel called the Crestview Police Department and admitted to busting the windshield.

FHP troopers and Okaloosa County deputies responded to Rossel’s home, he was later arrested after he attempted to flee.

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