Man Accused of Shooting Feral Cat Will Not Be Charged

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The Walton County Sheriff’s Office will not charge a man who allegedly shot a cat in August.

The decision to not charge James Canady, 81, came after an extensive and thorough investigation by the sheriff’s office and the State Attorney’s Office.

According to a press release, Canady attempted various methods of dealing with the cat nuisance problem prior to the alleged incident, including speaking to Mark Crowe who was feeding the feral cars and contacting Animal Control.

Since 2009, Canady’s property has been damaged due to the feral cats. He and other concerned neighbors have worked to fix the problem but saw no relief.

The press release states that Florida State Statue 828, Walton County Control Ordinances, and the Florida Conservation of Wildlife Statutes, the feral cats are a nuisance animal by definition and have damaged the property of Canady, for which the caretakers can be held liable. This incident was not inhumane and did not result in a cruel death to an animal.

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