Seniors Making a List, Communities Checking it Twice

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Holidays may bring stress and in-laws, but for many Wiregrass senior citizens, they bring hope.

“There are so many people in this world who don't have anybody,” said Eddie Wilson, a Gordon resident.

Without support, how can you wake up to presents under your tree? Wilson is just one of 400 seniors asking that question this year. However, Southern Alabama Regional Council on Aging—or SARCOA—is granting wishes.

Santa for Seniors is an opportunity for the Wiregrass to play Santa. Case manager for SARCOA, Lauren Keith, said by sponsoring just one person, you can make a world of difference.

“The joy that it brings them, that someone has thought to provide something for them so that they can have a merry Christmas, it brings joy to me as well. So, it’s a wonderful feeling,” said Keith.

They're not asking for much. Many of the gifts include everyday items like paper towels, food, or blankets.

Wilson said, although she’s grateful for the support, Christmas is more than playing Santa.

“It's all about the Lord. Do small things for other people and learn to share, because number one is, first you got to care,” she said.

Visit and click on the Santa for Seniors tab to learn how to participate. All sponsorships and donations are due December 7th, at Westgate Park in front of Water World.

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