Mail Fraud in Bay County: US Airlines

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Fraud Investigators with the Criminal Investigations Division of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office released information today concerning a mail fraud that is attempting to victimize residents of Bay County.

The fraud begins with a letter claiming to be from US Airlines, a company that does not exist. The letter states the lucky recipient has won two round trip airline tickets valued at $1,398. To claim the tickets, all the recipient must do is call the phone number listed at the bottom of the letter.

If the “lucky” recipient of the letter calls the phone number, they are asked to give their social security number and date of birth to claim the tickets. In reality, what has just happened to them is Identity Theft.

Never give away personal information over the phone. Anyone receiving a letter claiming to be from US Airlines is urged to disregard it. If you believe you are the victim of a scam or fraud, please contact local law enforcement.

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