MLK Day in Ozark

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Many people across the country had celebrations in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. today.
Here in the wiregrass dozens gathered to remember the dream.

A dream, that many celebrate from community service to peaceful marches.

But in Ozark a special ceremony to honor the life, legacy and most importantly the dream of Dr. Martin Luther king, Jr.

"God didn't put him there to make us talk about race, god put him here to wake us up, so wake up, he was our example, so follow it," says Rev. J.D. Hillsman.

A message that resonated through the ceremony by so many local leaders.

But they also reflected on the black-owned businesses that were birthed out of the dream in Ozark.

"Little McKenneth beauty shop, Adel Morris, a beauty shop, David smith a construction company, all of those, things, you kids don't know, but Ozark was on the mark," says Inez Pennington.

It's a legacy of forefathers the next generation spoke about embracing.

"Instead, he opted to make a change, and standup for a better tomorrow, I’m a leader, because my forefathers was a leader."

Now many here say even though dr. King's dream has come a long way there is much further to go making sure the younger generation embraces his vision.

"They can actually have a role model, they can have someone who reached the benchmark, and not feel as though they can't achieve," says Rev. J.D. Hillsman.

An achievement one man reached to help millions achieve more dreams.

This year's keynote speaker was Dr. Alex c. Brown, Jr. of Selma, Alabama.
He spoke on the memories of his family members marching with Dr. King in the 1960s.

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