Martin Luther King Ceremonies

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From Enterprise to Dothan, churches remembered a legacy

"A lot of people show up to commemorate the legacy of king, listen to some great preachers, and some great singing," explained Jemmie Watford, president of IMALC.

North Highland Baptist Church held their celebratory mass at 7pm while Pleasant Shade Missionary Baptist Church rejoiced a bit earlier. Monday is Martin Luther King day—a time to relive what he fought for: freedom, courage, and determination.

Watford said,” We’re still growing. All of us are still becoming and we're looking to embrace the greatest of his legacy which is love amongst all people.”

At Pleasant Shade, Reverend Charles Kelley was the key note speaker. He reminisced how King fought for each American, no matter the gender or race. He announced a quote from MLK’s insight, reading "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Members of each church continued to pray and Watford said the ceremonies included looking to the future.

“The fact that we can entrust one another with our future is a great part of that,” he expressed.

North Highland's Youth choir used tonight's rally as a rehearsal for the greater celebration Monday Morning, where the church hosts their annual MLK Memorial March.

“Our youth choir is kind of warming up for tomorrow's activities but they bless us tonight with songs,” Watford said.

The march is open to the public and it is all to support the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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