Luther Strange Defends State's Voter ID Law

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Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange is defending the state’s Voter ID Law.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court struck down park of the voting rights act. The provision gives the Federal Government oversight of the state's and localities with a history of voter discrimination.

The Supreme Court’s Ruling says Congress must re-determine how places are put on the list using updated data.

In Alabama, the ruling has meant proceeding with plans to require voters to present a photo ID before casting a ballot in the 2014 election. Strange says the requirement is just common sense.

“No one should have to do anything more than required by law and I think the law is very fair. I think it makes common sense. I think most people understand that picture ID is just common sense required in so many other parts of our life. Certainly I see no problem in asking for that in the context of casting your vote,” Strange explained.

The state will provide free identification to all registered voters.

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