Love In Action Blankets For Sale

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If you're getting a late start on your Christmas shopping, “Love In Action's” blanket bus may have the answer.

They're selling blankets made by family businesses in Ecuador.

Love in action is a ministry that supports the homeless and disadvantaged in our area, as well as overseas in Haiti, Ecuador and the Philippines.

Besides stopping by to pick up a last-minute gift it's also worth checking out how an old bus became a pop-up shop!

“This is what we call the blanket bus. We took an old city bus and converted it, put shelves in it, and just piled it full of blankets, and can go to a place like in front of Taj restaurant and have a lot of visibility and make it convenient for a lot of people to stop by and get a blanket,” said Ted Hill.

The bus is open from 11 to 6, but there are only three days left before it pulls out.

Shoppers can stop by tomorrow, Saturday or Tuesday.

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