Looking for ways to move along the tag renewal line

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It’s a line you’ve probably had to wait in when renewing your car’s registration. But Dale County Commissioners are weighing their options to get the tag renewal line flowing more smoothly.

For the past twenty years, people have had the option to mail in a renewal for two dollars. Thanks to a county commission vote, that fee is gone.

“And we just looked at it as now customer service is a little more important to us than the 2 dollar mail in fee,” said Mark Blankenship, Dale Co. Commission Chairman.

People in line are happy to say goodbye to the fee. “I feel like that is robbing people,” Jacqueline Beckwith said.

But there’s a catch, you have to have all the paperwork in by a certain date each month. And if you miss that deadline on the 20th you could be facing up to a two hour wait. And if you don’t have the right forms with you, you will be turned away.

That waiting game is why people in Dale County want a solution.
One option is to open satellite offices in the county, instead of operating under one roof. “One would possibly be in Daleville at the Daleville City Hall and the other one would maybe be in Pinkard or in Midland City,” Blankenship said.

Another option is fixing up what the county already has. “We are also looking at some renovation in the courthouse. And there may be some changes there that will help,” he said.

Commissioners plan to come up with a final solution in the next few weeks. That is something people in Dale County are willing to wait for.

For a list of all the forms you need to bring with you to have your tags renewed click the link.

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