Local Trade School Attracts Students From Across the Country

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Seeking a new skill will ultimately lead you to a new career. A Dale County training program continues to attract students from all over the country.

Military veteran Scott Ritchie loves learning a new skill. Coming all the way from Missouri, Ritchie is finally picking up an interest in the heavy equipment operating trade.

"A lot of my family members are in the construction business and I've always been interested in building things and equipment. Being in the military, one of things I drove was a bulldozer," said Ritchie.

The Dale County Allied Career Training location has been open since 2006 and it's one of a few around the country. "If you can dig? They can teach it" and that's a motto school director Alfred Cook believes in.

"Teaching here at “ACT” has been one of the best things ever to happen in my life, I love teaching and when you get these guys to come in here from home and they get that $20 to $30 an hour job, you know you are not the reason they are successful but you can say you had a part in their success," said Cook.

Program costs vary but could be between seven to ten -thousand dollars. “Act” also helps students find jobs after completing the program.

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