Local Runners Return to Boston to Cross Finish Line

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Panama City's Joe Edgecomb and Marty Kirkland ran the Boston Marathon last year, only to be cut short by the panic of a horrific bombing. It was an emotional moment yesterday when the runners crossed the finish line for the first time.

"As you're crossing the finish line, when I stopped, tears came to my eyes," says Kirkland, who describes herself as someone who doesn't typically get emotional. "It was just that this event was over and we made it through with no problem."

Joe says the most emotional moment of all was seeing the determination of those who were injured in the bombings last year.

"We saw people out doing the marathon that had been injured. It was a special thing. Even if you're not an emotional person it gave you a lump in your throat. It was as if everyone was saying, 'We won't let them stop us. We will survive, we will carry on.'"

Edgewood and Kirkland finished the marathon within one second of each other... Clocking in at 5:23:50 and 5:23:51.

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