Local Restaurant Helps Connor Lokey Stay Strong

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You may remember Connor Lokey—the little boy diagnosed with cancer five years ago. The Wiregrass community has been pulling for him with countless vigils and fundraisers. Now, a popular family restaurant is showing their support. McAlister’s in Dothan, is donating 10 percent of all sales Friday and Saturday to the Connor Lokey fund.

Connor is a boy scout and one of his scout leaders reached out to a family friend. They gave them the idea to ask McAlister’s to front this fundraiser. Employees said Friday’s sales doubled what they made yesterday. They are prepared for more support from the community on Saturday.

Friends and family said it is heart-warming to know this is all because of a courageous little boy.

“It always gives you that self-motivating, self-nourished, and warm feeling being able to help someone who needs you,” said CJ Lodhal, an employee at McAlister’s.

“Just connecting because of this little boy and how it's brought the community together, it's so amazing. And how the community shows their support by donating, caring, and giving in so many different ways,” said Kim Nall, a family friend of the Lokey’s.

The fundraiser includes take out and delivery orders as well. McAlister’s employees said they have already raised $400.

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