Local Residents Weigh In On Presidential Inauguration

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Millions of people were watching the Presidential Inauguration today and whether they were in Washington or right here in the Wiregrass people we spoke to were excited about the event.

"It looked like it was a huge turnout," says Brandie Glover. She watched from home but Glover says the event couldn't have been better.

"On a historical day as Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday and then the Inauguration you know at the same time...very proud."

A proud day that she hopes her kids will remember for the rest of their lives.

"To see President Obama is in office and for my kids to see that anything's possible," Glover added.

And anything was possible for Gladys Hunter, an Alabama native, who spent the day in Washington to see the event first hand.

"It's like we're waiting on Santa Claus to come."

She says this moment is like nothing she's ever experienced.

"It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am so excited. I have watched it on tv but to actually be up here and to be a part of history it is so amazing," Hunter added.

What makes the Inauguration even more special is that it falls on Martin Luther King Day.

"King said he had a dream and it's just like his dream on this day is coming true."

And after today's festivities..."Flying back home..coming back to Alabama."

Back to Alabama but looking ahead to four more years.

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