Local Reserve Officers Host Shooting Championship during Alabama Police Week

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DALEVILLE -- The Daleville Department of Public Safety Reserve Officer Program is hosting a public shooting event on Saturday, May 10th.

Although it is a couple of months away, it is time for those interested to sign up. The shooting championship will take place at the Tri-State Gun Club in Daleville.

The event will feature 10 stages that mimic real life scenarios. Shooters will have the chance to fire around 200 rounds.

The reserve officers are also selling tickets for five dollars for a shotgun and $10.00 for a rifle. Those interested can also purchase tickets from Lock-n-Load.

All proceeds benefit the "Concerns of Police Survivors" and the Daleville Department of Public Safety Reserve Officer program.

For anyone who would like to sign up, visit http://www.osagecombatives.com/shootingchampionship/4581922245.