Local Hunting Club Questions Denial to Hunt on Land they Pay to Lease

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DALEVILLE -- The Daleville City Council denied a hunting club permission to hunt on land they pay to lease. During a meeting last week, the council heard from a hunting club member but ended up denying the club through a 4-1 vote.

Mayor Claudia Wigglesworth said right now there is only an ordinance permitting peace officers to discharge firearms within the city limits, otherwise a person or group would need written permission of the city council.

"It was in the interest of the majority of the council members that the request be disapproved "Based on facts that were presented, information and personal opinions on hunting in the city limits," Mayor Wigglesworth said.

Gun owners and members of the hunting club said it just does not make sense for the council to deny the permit.

"I don't understand why our city didn't allow this permit, I just don't," Debra Latremore said.

The mayor said the next step would be for a city council member to draft an ordinance that details hunting specifically.

According to the Alabama Department of Conservation, the law is that as long as a hunter has the landowner's permission and is at least 100 yards away from any dwelling, occupied or not, they are within their rights. From there, it is up to each city for how they want to address hunting.