Local Economy Getting Help this Valentine's Day

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Love is in the air and local businesses like ‘Sweet and Sassy Petals’ are feeling it.

Owner of ‘Sweet and Sassy Petals’, Melanie Hadley, said,

“With walk ins and deliveries, [we’ve probably had] 250 orders, but we're still working.”

Working for walk ins like Pat Patrick, who say it's great to be able to get a gift and give back.

Pat Patrick, shopping for Valentine’s Day, said, “Days like today are a great time for small business to sell little items you can pick up easily. By using the small business man, you help promote your local community the dollars go into your community to help.”

Executive Chef at Nektar Cafe and Wine bar Joe Whaley said lunch was so busy, his equipment was having a hard time keeping up.

Now they’re getting ready for the dinner rush…..for the next three days.

Chef Whaley said, “Friday and Saturday, we do still have some openings, but we recommend reservations.”

Customers like Patrick say this Valentine’s, though, it's not all about cupid.

Patrick said, “These people know me by name and they know a lot of customers by name.”

And what's not to love about that?

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