Local Churches React to Supreme Court Ruling

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The Supreme Court strikes down a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act.
The law preventing the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages ruled unconstitutional by a 5-4 vote.
But local church leaders do not share the same excitement as some.

"How is it in these 12 states we have given them the legal right to get married but we are not giving them the whole shabang that bothers me a little bit, like if we are going to give it to them we might as well give it all to them," said PAstor Ron Martin of Kingdom Central.

And that is exactly what the Supreme Court of the United States did.
They gave same-sex couples all the benefits of marriage that heterosexual couples have.

"I'm not really totally surprised," said Pastor Bobby Marks of Cornerstone Church.

"It came to no surprise to me," said Pastor Martin.

Although local church leaders were not surprised by the ruling they don't agree with it.

"The challenge on this issue for the church is to communicate that goes loves everyone and we minister to everybody but the bible is pretty clear that marriage is a covenant relationship between a man and a woman in fact all religions have affirmed that in fact all cultures throughout human history said Pastor Ralph Sigler of Harvest Church.

"I think it should stay between a man and a woman because that's what the Bible said and I feel like it is my responsibility to declare what God's word says even though it may go against popular opinion," said Pastor Marks.

"I understand that there are a lot of people who are celebrating this as a victory meanwhile others on the church side are looking at this as a spiritual or moral failure I would not go to either extreme for me for me this is neither a victory or a failure simply a litmis test that lets us know where our nation is what the people in our nation want," said Pastor Martin.

We reached out to the Wiregrass LGBT community for a comment but they did not return our phone call.

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