Local Christmas Tree Farm Doing Well this Season

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Have you checked your calendar? There are only two weeks before the big day, but it's not too late to put up your Christmas tree. This is a good year for local tree farmers.

Mary Johnson and her family have been in the Christmas tree business for 16 years.

"That's a lot of Christmas trees. We were talking yesterday about the families that come out when their kids were small. Now their kids are grown and have kids of their own. It's just unreal," she said.

Hundreds of families have made the trip to Cottonwood this year to visit The Back Home Christmas Tree farm. It is one of the last remaining in the area.

"We've been blessed, but unfortunately the only other choose and cut that I know of had to close this year due to illness. We're very sorry for that," said Johnson.

With a struggling economy, many families may be try to save a few bucks by picking out a tree at a big box store, but not the Rhodes family. They want to keep their traditions alive.

"Just the thought of just going and cutting it down. It's something that I did growing up and always going out into the woods and cutting down the tree. So it kind of reminds you of that," said Jim Rhodes.

Trees from a superstore are often not in the best shape. Johnson says most have been cut several weeks earlier and were stored without water during shipping. The Back Home Tree Farm does sell Frasier Firs, but they go through a local broker who delivers them weekly.

"That makes a difference too. We just don't want to sell something we know won't hold up," said Johnson.

Because Christmas morning wouldn't be as magical with a brown tree.

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