Local Cherokee Clan: Cedar Wolves

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Jimmy Bundy has a strong passion for crafts—but an even stronger one for his Indian clan: the Cherokee Cedar Wolves.

"It's taken me many many years to get where I’m at and I can only hope and pray that I can continue on that path of advancing. This is my heritage. It’s where I come from,” explained Chief Jimmy Runningbear Bundy.

Sunday, members met and looked for new additions to the clan—someone that shares their beliefs.

“We have to respect one another. We have to learn peace. We have to learn resolve,” Bundy expressed.

All of their crafts are hand-made. Some jewelry consists of more than 10,000 beads. However, it's not just the colorful art that makes Bundy and his clan inspiring.

"We want to help out communities, we're wanting to help out mother earth and we're wanting to teach our young that they have to take care of mother earth for her to take care of them,” he stated.

It's an idea everyone can be a part of.

Bundy suggested, “Picking up trash. If you come out of a store and there's some trash on the ground, it doesn’t hurt to pick that up."

He has big plans for the future.

"We are looking at plans on a monument. We’re looking at plans on expanding and trying to get the youth in,” said the Chief.

If they can get the funding, the Cedar Wolves want to plant trees in the community. Now, they are looking to you.

"A lot of people will look at a Native American or Indian and they're like what are they doing? Well, this where you find out come join us,” said Bundy.

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