Local Bankers Say Credit Cards Can Fit Your Budget

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Tis the season to go shopping.

And while most people use cash to make those big purchases there's another way you might be able to cash in...credit cards. And while some people don't trust the plastic.

"I found out that by using my own bank card, this is my own money and I don't have to worry about the interest rates," says local shopper Shirley Carroll.

Local bank manager Shasta Jackson says they come in handy but to look for cards with a fixed rate. "Because it doesn't adjust and that way you've got a really low interest rate that you're looking at which is really good and then it's going to stay at that," explained Jackson.

When it comes to cards most people are nervous about overspending but Jackson says making wise payments is the key. "Let's say your minimum payment is 50 dollars. If you're paying 150 dollars that's 100 dollars that's going towards the principal so that's going to trickle it down very quickly," Jackson added.

And making those payments on time is what's really going to boost your credit.

"As long as they're willing to do that and pay more than that minimum interest that's going to help them and that's going to help them pay it off pretty quickly," explained Jackson.

And that's great news for this time of year.

If you're finding yourself needing extra money around the holidays, Jackson says it's important to have options so you need a checking, a savings and of course a credit card account.

But with great options come great responsibility when it come to paying what you owe.

"Any extra money that you have or that you make, I would apply it to that specific card and focus on that specific card to get that down," Jackson advises.

So with a plan as well as a little budgeting you too can share in this rewarding experience...one swipe at a time.

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