Southern Charmers Animal Rescue & Sanctuary Full of Love

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Gail Hammond is surrounded by love 24/7.

"If you love what you do it's not work," Hammond said.

More than 20 dogs call the Southern Charmers Animal Rescue and Sanctuary their temporary home.

"My mission is to make sure they get that one on one love that I can't give because there's so many of them here. I try to spread my love around but I want them to have an individual family that they can call their own," Hammond said.

Gail has transformed her home into a non-profit shelter.

"I feel like we didn't have children, this is our way of giving back. A lot of people have asked why I help animals and not people. These animals don't have a voice. They can't say help me, I need help," Hammond said.

Gail's love for animals began when she was eight years old.

"Momma brought home a totally neglected standard poodle. It was full of burs, thickets and thorns. Momma was an animal lover and she let me bring home everything I wanted," Hammond said.

Gail started rescuing St. Bernard’s in New Jersey in 2001.

She moved to the wiregrass in 2005 with her husband, bringing a few rescue dogs with her.

With local shelters overpopulated Gail's rescue grew.

She says the community's support has been overwhelming.

"Everything that we do, god chooses for us and these animals. God created these animals not to be abused and not to be neglected. So we really need to teach people these animals are supposed to be a part of your life and home," Hammond said.

Gail says rescue animals, give twice as much love.

The Southern Charmers Animal Rescue & Sanctuary depends on donations and volunteers.

If you're interested in adoption, volunteering or donating you can visit their Facebook page.