Living Waters Counseling: A Place to Cope

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Its counseling that encourages you to express yourself and it’s free. A faith based center in headland is using a vision from God to touch the lives of those in need.

Living waters counseling, it’s a place that helps people cope with difficult situations.

“We touch all areas of mental health that can range from domestic violence to substance abuse, grief, depression anxiety and mental illness,” said Dr. Ginger Mayer, the executive director.

Mayer and her husband say some divine intervention set them on a journey ten years ago. That has allowed them to touch thousands of lives.

“14 years after we were married God spoke to us, actually spoke to us while we were Fishing (Laughs) out in the middle of a pond,” said Mayer.

Living waters gives a relaxing atmosphere to their clients. Sessions can be held inside or even outside where you have the opportunity to feed ducks or fish on the Lake. At this faith based ministry everything is free to the public. Donations from local churches and organizations help this program survive.

“Well here it is Unity and it doesn’t matter the faith or the denomination,” said Mayer.

This is all a part of making this dream a reality. Living waters counseling also offers art therapy and horseback riding for clients, all counselors volunteer as well.

For more information on the services available at Living Waters Counseling or to make a donation, call 693-3380.

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