Living Hope Thanksgiving Outreach

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Yvette Turner and her son stood in line at the Living Hope Community Center and waited patiently for the Thanksgiving meal they weren't able to afford this year.

Turner said, “I wouldn't have anything to eat. I'm just blessed that there are organizations that would give to the needy.”

A blessing Vineyard Church Pastor Lyle Peluso says he hopes will reach hundreds just like Turner this holiday season.

Pastor Peluso said, “Today we have prepared just shy of 300 meals.”

But that helping hand is one Turner says some just won't take, no matter how much they need it.

Turner said, “Pride do get in the picture, but put that pride to the side because if there's help, take it.”

Still Living Hope is giving as much hope and food as they can this season.

Pastor Peluso said, “The holidays are special because it's family time and we want all these families not to have to worry about where they're going to get their food from. "

The extra hand is one Turner's son says he won't let his pride push away.

Jalil Mcmiller said, “You shouldn't be ashamed of it because everyone has a point in their live where they're in need.”

In need, but getting a helping hand this holiday season.

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