Live-Action Gaming at Westgate Park

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"We go from being your regular guys that work in your local shops to medieval heroes essentially."

Every'll find this group doing live action role play...or “LARP-ing” a character they create.

"Everybody dresses up in a different fashion that's pretty much medieval based," Gregor McGregor said.

The characters...range from ... Well let's just say there's quite a range. Just ask Levi Swearingen.

"We've got elves and dwarves and things like that. I'm a lemur."

No controllers or TV’s here... Just plenty of imagination.

And for someone like Kayla Nichols... Finding the right weapon and garb weren't the only obstacles of LARP-ing.

"It was tough at first but they accept you once you come out here and prove you can be tough with the guys," Kayla said.

Woman or not... Everyone is expected to get into it. Including using a weapon to survive.
Don't worry... They're made of foam for safety reasons, but that doesn't make it easier out here.
In fact, they get quite a workout just showing up.

"I lost about 100 pounds my first year,” McGregor said. “It wasn't that hard, just come out here, it's a lot of exercise so you don't really notice it. By the time you're running around hitting people with weapons, you're just having fun."

So you're becoming a video game star... Running around with weapons... And losing weight? Sounds good enough to me.

It takes more than button mashing skill to be good out here...

"We are alpha nerds. We are a select class of nerds."

And that, folks, is what it takes to rule the crimson fields of Dagorhir.

The group meets at Westgate Park every Sunday at 1 p-m. They say admission is free and they encourage anyone to come out and participate.

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