LifeSouth Blood Drives in the Wiregrass

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On a daily basis lives are saved through donating blood. There was a chance for the Wiregrass to do that this afternoon.

LifeSouth community blood center held a blood drive at the Walgreens located on Westgate and Main on Sunday afternoon. The bloodmobile was located in the parking lot from 2pm to 6pm. All donors received drinks and snacks as they gave their arms to save lives.

LifeSouth says that the blood type "O" negative is a big Necessity for the wiregrass Area.

“Right now we are in an emergency need of type “O” negative. We have less than a one day supply on our shelves of “O” negative blood. Only about seven percent of the population is “O” negative and it is the preferred type in emergency situations as well as newborns so we are in critical need right now and we need the community to come out and donate,” said Sharon Carpenter the LifeSouth District Manager for South Alabama.

To donate blood, patients need I.D. and have to weigh at least 110 pounds.

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