LifeSouth Blood Drives for March 11-17

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Monday, March 11th
Walmart of Geneva from 10am-3pm
State Troopers Office from 12noon-5pm
H&R Block from 9am-11:30am(Ross Clark Circle)
Donor Center open from 9am-7pm

Tuesday, March 12th
Walmart of Ozark from 12noon-6pm
Reliable Products of Geneva from 8am-4pm
Donor Center open from 9am-7pm

Wednesday, March 13th
Walmart of Montg Hwy in Dothan from 11am-5pm
Walmart of Enterprise from 11am-5pm
Donor Center open from 9am-5pm

Thursday, March 14th
AAA Cooper from 9am-4pm
Walmart of Geneva from 10am-5pm
Donor Center Opens @ 9am

Friday, March 15th
Covan of Midland City from 8:30am-4:30pm
City of Headland from 9am-1pm
Headland National Bank from 2pm-5pm
Donor Center open from 9am-5pm

Saturday, March 16th
Walmart of Montg Hwy from 11am-5pm
Walmart of Geneva from 10-am-5pm
Donor Center open from 10am-3pm

Sunday, March 17th
Mt. Gilead Baptist Church of Dothan from 11am-4pm
Camp Ground Baptist Church of Ozark from 11:30am-3pm

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