Legally Blonde, the Musical

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The Cultural Arts Center had a few unique guests walk in Sunday. Dogs all shapes and sizes tried out for a starring role in Legally Blonde, the Musical.

Director, Nancy Brooks, said, “We had a great turnout. Some wonderful little Chihuahua’s came, an English bulldog came in, and all of them were very capable."

Human casting began in December and cast and crew wasted no time getting to work.

"We rehearse Sunday afternoons, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights so it's a big commitment, but everyone here absolutely loves it,” expressed Kendell Shows, who plays Paulette in the production.

“These guys are fantastic. They’re great. It’s been like show them one time and they've got it,” gushed Brooks.

However, Brooks said do not expect the play to be exactly like the movie.

Brooks explained, "There are a few things that, because it's on stage, they're a little different, a few surprises, but still it runs along the same lines as the movie."

The musical puts a fresh twist on the original and cast members said the audience will be entertained from start to finish.

“I do have to say I’m very partial to my solo called Ireland. It is kind of a power ballad I guess, but I also love the bend and snap which is kind of what the show is known for—Paulette's move, the bend and snap,” said Shows.

During doggie auditions, the judges wanted to see a few commands—sit, stay, and speak.
Even though the cast is back to work, the chosen dog will not start until the actors learn Act Two. Brooks hopes the winners will practice at home.

The English bulldog, named Delilah, will play Rufus, Paulette’s dog and Chico the Chihuahua will play Bruiser, Elle Wood’s dog.

The play opens March 5th through the 9th and tickets go on sale February 18th. Go to to purchase your tickets.

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