Leaving Black Friday to the Retail Giants

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Walmart, Best Buy, and other retail moguls are targets on Black Friday—but what about small, local businesses? While many of the big box stores are opening early, Downtown Dothan might not be “up” for the competition.

An antique shop called Vintage Chic has been on Foster Street for five years, and they’ve only opened for Black Friday once.

“I found that people are more interested in the big stores probably on black Friday,” said Berna Gean Flanagan, owner of Vintage Chic.

Many shops inside The Nest also plan to stay closed. Jim McGhee of First Class Diamonds LLC said he won't compete with big deals because he already offers big savings.

“We have low, low overhead, and in doing so, we don't have to mark things up as high to offer ridiculous sales,” said McGhee.

On Black Friday, Foster Street will be blacked out. However, there will be some sales on the following Saturday, called “Small Business Day.”

“I know I’m going to have twenty percent off my Christmas items. We've just started getting the holiday business the last few days, so we can tell that it’s starting to get that time,” said Flanagan.

Flanagan said Santa Clause will also visit the shop that Saturday, November 30th.

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