Learning How to Fly at G.W. Long Elementary

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SKIPPERVILLE -- First graders at G.W. Long Elementary School got the chance to learn how to fly from a professional pilot on Thursday afternoon.

Ty Powell of the Dale County Sheriff's Office brought the sheriff helicopter in to give the students a chance for hands on learning about the pilot profession.

This is part of a three week program being held at the school for the next three weeks. The students will hear from soldiers, police officers, mechanics and truck drivers.

Teachers said it is important for them to have the ability to connect what they are reading from a book to life.

"Not only are we reading about these helpers, we're getting to see them in real life," First Grade Teacher Julie McDaniel said. "It makes a connection from their past to their present to their future. You know maybe one day we're inspiring future pilots."

The lessons learned throughout the three weeks are part of teaching the common core curriculum which was adopted by the state of Alabama. It helps students to learn critical thinking.