Late Freeze Could Cause Peach Prices to Increase

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Tuesday night's cold temperatures could spell disaster for Chilton County, Alabama's peach crop.

The owners of Mountain View Orchard say it could be the latest freeze they've seen in years.

Farmers stocked up on firewood and had helicopters on standby. The helicopters help keep heat closer to the ground, keeping the peaches from freezing.

Businesses say their sales could be delayed.

"It's already harmed our sales because we usually start with peaches at the first or second week of May, and that's not going to happen until later - probably late May now, maybe even the first of June," said Mark Gray, owner of Peach Park.

Farmers have already lost 20 percent of two varieties of peaches this season from a freeze earlier this month.

Businesses say the price of peaches could be up to a dollar higher early in the season but expect the prices to go back down closer to June.

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