Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Caitlin Postel's trunk will barely fit everything she's bought since the wee hours of the morning.

"I just wait till the last minute, get it done, bang it out, all in one shot."

She's one of thousands across the country hitting Toys R Us stores that, for the fourth year, have stayed open around the clock in the days before Christmas.

Kohl's followed suit for the first time this year, which was exactly what Patricia Contreras needed.

"I'm not going to go to Target. I know a few friends who have had charges."

Charges made by thieves following the credit and debit card breach at the big box retailer.

An estimated 40 million cards were compromised and that's made many shoppers nervous, no matter where they shop.

"I'm a little afraid to use my credit card with Target and stuff that's going on out there," said last-minute shopper, Sharon Joseph Foster

Deep discounts helped kicked off a strong holiday shopping season in November, but over the last 3 weeks, sales have continued to decline.

ShopperTrak says overall sales from last week were down more than 3 percent compared to the same week last year and foot traffic took an even more dramatic turn, down more than 21 percent.

Analysts say it's because shoppers are window shopping online and know better what they want when they get to the mall.

"The homework is being done before they get to the store," said Sears sales associate, Omar Griffin.

And deals that aren't usually offered until AFTER Christmas are expected to help push sales more than 2 percent higher than last year, making it the most successful shopping season on record.

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