Landmark Park Takes Walk on Wild-side

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More than 100 people took a walk on the wild-side Friday morning at Landmark Park.

The Big Bend Sanctuary showcased six different birds for the park's weekly Animal Adventure program.

A Red Tailed Hawk, an albino Blue Jay and a Gray Horned Owl were a few of the animals that made an appearance. However, Friday's program was about more than just a chance to see these birds up close.

We want to educate them and get rid of the old myths and tell them what they can do and let them know that there are people out there who do this out of love and get them back to well," explained Terry Morse or the Big Bend Animal Sanctuary. "Its important for us to maintain the integreidy of these animals so that they can be free as they were ment to be."

The Animal Adventures program will be held every Friday at Landmark Park, except on July 4, until July 25. Next week's animal is the homing pigeon.

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