Landmark Park Announces Line-Up For Animal Adventures

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DOTHAN, AL -- Animal Adventures is returning to Landmark Park. Beginning on June 13, visitors can get up close and personal with local wildlife.

Each Friday from June 13 through July 25, Landmark Park will present the one-hour educational program which provides a unique opportunity to learn about our natural world. Children ages 5 and older are encouraged to come with their youth groups and families to see first hand the wonder of many native animals.

Programs begin at 10 a.m. in the Interpretive Center Auditorium. A noon session may be available if the morning session fills. Animal Adventures are free with paid gate admission ($4 for adults; $3 for kids, free for members).

The schedule for Animal adventures is listed below:


Tim Ward, an officer with the Alabama Department of Conservation will present a program on one of south Alabama's most misunderstood creatures, the American Alligator. A combination of slides, skins and skulls as well as a live alligator will be used to illustrate and teach par-ticipants about the lifestyle and habits of this threatened animal.


Terry Morse of Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary in Enterprise will bring birds native to this region, including owls and other raptors. These beautiful birds are non-releasable rehabilitated birds that have been given a new purpose in life as education birds. Their feeding, hunting and nesting habits will be discussed, as well as what you should do if you find orphaned or injured wildlife.


Homing pigeons are incredible birds which have an innate homing ability which allows them to return from incredible distances to their nesting area. These birds have been used throughout history in several ways including army messengers and to deliver medical information. Join John Ross Helms, member of the Wiregrass Racing Pigeon Club as he shares his 30 years worth of experience raising and racing these spectacular birds. Mr. Helms will have several birds available for guests to see up close and then he will release the birds who will make the return trip home.

July 11: AMPHIBIANS101

Amphibians can be slimy and lay eggs, but they also have lots of other interesting characteristics that make them unique. Join Jimmy Stiles as he talks about various amphibian species including frogs, salamanders and one big amphiuma. Mr. Stiles works with the Alabama Natural Heritage Program through Auburn University and has been involved in herpetology for 25 years.


Join reptile enthusiast Page Whatley as he introduces park visitors to snakes and their unique characteristics. Among the snakes to be fea-tured include the Eastern Indigo Snake, the largest snake native to North America as well as several other snakes native to the Wiregrass area including the Corn snake. A new edition to this program will be the South American Mussurana. This snake is very similar to the Indigo snake and is an active venomous snake eater you won't want to miss.


Ken Weathers with the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Department will present a program about common aquatic fish. Visitors will learn about the characteristics that make fish unique to other animals, tips on where to find certain species and you will even get to see several different kinds up close.

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