Landmark Dulcimer Club Rejoins

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Landmark Park embraced a festive tune on Saturday. Members of the dulcimer club joined together for another jam session. Co-chairman, John Farmer, said the club started 15 years ago.

"The term dulcimer means, as I understand it, sweet sound. It comes from the Appalachian mountains,” explained Farmer.

The dulcimer dates back to almost 200 years ago. Farmer said learning to play is the easy part.

"I could probably teach you how to play a song in about 5 minutes. It's just easy to play. They claim if you can't play the dulcimer you can't play anything,” he said.

Familiar faces essentially make up the club, but they always welcome newcomers.

Farmer said, "It's very casual, a very laid-back affair. Most of us are senior citizens but we have had a few children that have played with us."

The club gets together the first Saturday of every month. However, they are always willing to coach you.

"On several occasions we've actually taught classes for a week at a time. I did that a couple years ago here at the park,” Farmer explained.

The musicians mainly play for fun, but some occasions they participate at festivals or even nursing homes. They play everything from folk music to gospel. Farmer said it is a historical instrument, but also meditative.

"If you're looking for something that will help you lower your stress, looking for someway to relax a little bit, wanting to get away from the house, meet some people we'll be glad to have you come out and join us,” he expressed.

The club is free to join and no music experience is needed. It can be a great new hobby for the New Year.

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