Landfill Expansion Still Undecided

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As the current landfill continues to overflow, that trash needs to go somewhere.
But residents say they don't want it in their backyard.

"If anyone is at the medical center and goes out to the fourth floor and looks out they can see Mount Landfill, at least that's what I call it and following along with some comments I have heard it is the highest point in Houston County," said local resident Bobby Lewis.

And because residents are concerned, city officials are trying to decide what to do.

The least expensive is expanding the landfill we have we will expand it 15 acres that's the least expensive but as you know the citizens around there prefer us not to do that and I think it is our responsibility to look at all the options," said Mayor Mike Schmitz.

Although city officials would only expand the landfill to 15 acres they say more is needed.

"We would buy a couple hundred acres for future growth," said Schmitz.

"It is taking over a farm 184 acre farm and the backdrop here is a soybean field, all of had to eat and if we continue to destroy good farm land where are we going to grow a fruits and vegetables the very things that we consume to stay alive," said Lewis.

And residents are worried about their well being.

"The health concerns in the subdivisions neighborhood have suffered an enormous amount of cancer and that has never been determined what caused it," said Lewis.

"During the past years there has been concerns about water issues and whether it was safe so we brought in a company to test the water and it was tested well," said Schmitz.

"If they really think its fine lets go all get a jug of it and with the cameras rolling lets go get the Mayor and city manager, the commissioner all to take a good slug and drink it and that a gallon of it that might determine really if people are telling the truth or not," said Lewis.

Mayor Schmitz hopes to have a decision in 60 days.

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